Friday, July 20, 2012

The White Female Presumption of Interest

Most ethnic men in America, especially African American ones, have wondered why white women (no matter how unattractive) presume if they like a man, the man will like her in return.  It's as if these women completely disregard the fact that we men have particular preferences in women that they do not embody.  It also is if whiteness trumps any and all other characteristics that men evaluate in women.

Women thinking highly of themselves is quite appropriate, but what gets me is the anger, resentment, and surprise that these women feel when they are rebuffed romantically. On a few occasions, white women have felt the need to explain to me that they "just [asked] me out" as if I was not smart enough to discern that on my own.

I'm sure the American social hierarchy plays a role in white women's minds wherein they think those below them ought to be honored to accept their interest.  That's not how it works however. 

So women, when a guy who happens not to be white is not showing any romanitic inclination towards you, don't call him gay, lazy, or too dumb to realize your value and worth, he just ain't into you!

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