Monday, July 27, 2009

Black Women Are The Most Dysfuctional In The World, Here's Why.

This is a powerful video. It is long, but well worth the wait.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Professor Gates And the Cambridge, MA Police Matter

The dispute between Henry Louis Gates and arresting Officer Crowley took an uptick when President Obama joined the fray. Now, legions of cops are lending their support to Officer Crowley in light of all the heat he is taking.

What the media is missing are the true issues that are going on here: Gates' lack of civility to the Officer and the American rebuttable presumption of black guilt. Had these two factors not been at play in the incident, there would likely have been no arrest and no explosion into a larger debate on race.

Professor Gates is a man of high esteem. He therefore likely has a bit of a chip on his shoulder that rubbed the investigating officer the wrong way. Any one with common sense understands that an officer has considerable discretion to arrest or grant a warning. If you insult or show disrespect to an officer, you will likely be arrested when the officer could have used discretion to not arrest you.

As for Officer Gates, he is American, born and bred, and he likely embodies the notion that blacks represent a criminal risk higher than that of whites. For those Americans without keen skills of discernment, like the neighbor who called the police when she saw a "black man" (Gates) fumbling on Gates porch, ANY black man is a criminal risk, not just the obvious ones.

Officer Gates extra scrutiny of the black Gates and Gates' arrogance that he was somehow immune to the extra scrutiny gave rise to this matter.

Both men are digging their heels in and maintain the error of the other party.
Yes, America does still have an obsession with caste and stereotype. To the extent that we deny it exists is the extent we will be disappointed when incidents like this rear their heads.

Oh yes; President Obama, stick to health care reform and the economy. You should not be in the weeds on issues of this nature!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Unspoken Detriment To Black Men

In the 1960's Danial Patrick Moynihan penned the The Negro Family: A Case For National Action. In it, he detailed what was considered sociological heresy for that era. That the matriarchal and pathological characteristics of black women was responsible for the underachiever of many black males in America. His report has generally been vindicated as the years past, especially his description of the toll black women have on black males.

In an effort to further describe Moynihan's point, I submit the following:

Black women often bring black boys into unhealthy, fatherless households often with substance abuse as aggravating factors.

Black women are the overwhelming sources of physical and mental child abuse against black boys. Have you seen the movie "Antwone Fisher" which was based on a true story?

Black girls in school are the most critical of promising black boys who might otherwise turn out to be intelligent or clean-cut.

Black teenage girls are the most likely to sexually reward black boys who engage in fast, illegal money and the gaudy "bling, bling" lifestyle, setting them up for ruin in adulthood.

Black women at work often find any black man to be a threat to the status quo in the pecking order. Most of us recall the conniving Anita Hill who tried to derail Justice Thomas's nomination to the Supreme Court? Even if Justice Thomas did do something inappropriate, what was the real reason for her coming forward?

Black women are the most angry and hateful at the sight of a Black Man with a woman of any other ethnicity.

Black women in the service industry tend to reserve the most discourtesy for successful black men out of resentment and class envy. It is the "You might have money, but you ain't no better than me" attitude.

Black women are hazards to the health of otherwise smart, ambitious, healthy, and successful black men. They are the most obese population group in the world and their ignorance of basic nutrition contributes to high black male rates of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, obesity with all have bases in childhood eating habits.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Meltdowns Of Asian American Men

They appear on the news every now and then. Individuals like the Korean Virgina Tech gunman, the Filipino arrested by the FBI for a series of racist death threats, and most recently Jiverly Voong who opened fire on an Immigration Service Center in upstate NY. What is behind this string of incidents where Asian American men have unleashed murderous wrath on innocent people.

Let me begin by saying this is not an anti-Asian American rant. In fact, I acknowledge that the vast majority of Asian American men are hard-working, law-abiding, and upstanding citizens. But what is afoot here? I believe that some Asian men increasingly view this society as unjust and unfair to them who try to do all the right things.

Men's rights advocate, Winston Wu, is legendary for his diatribes against the social isolation to which American society relegates all but a few Asian men. They are expected to live up to unrealistic "positive" stereotypes, shunned by most America women as poorly endowed, and left on the sidelines unless they are needed for calculus advice or engineering services.

While none of the above justifies lashing out in violence, I believe the plight of Asian male isolation is at the root of this trend. Asian men are feeling the frustration of being confined to their stereotypical role and their pent-up misery is unleashed in the form of violence.

All we can hope is that this trend has come and gone. What we need to do is examine what role we play in helping to alleviate this frustration.