Monday, July 27, 2009

Black Women Are The Most Dysfuctional In The World, Here's Why.

This is a powerful video. It is long, but well worth the wait.

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  1. If you agree with this then you are as big of an idiot as the narrator and person who wrote this. It sounds to me like you black men are doing exactly what you are accusing black women of doing, placing the blame on someone else. Yes, it is disgraceful that 70% of black children are born out of wedlock, but the fault in that is not only on the black woman. Black women do not get themselves pregnant. And i don't want to hear about how they keep choosing to be with only the thugs. I guarantee a large portion of those out of wedlock births were to so called good black men. Thugs, drug dealers, and crackheads are not the only men who leave their families. Several successful, supposedly well educated black men have done the same thing and with several different women. Now I do agree that something has to be done within the black community but garbage like this is only pushing us further away from the goal we should all be trying to achieve. Black men have to take some responsibility for their actions as well. He states in the video that black women were following the white woman's feminist movement and pushed the black man from the home, well there had to be something lacking in the home to begin with for this white woman to be able to step in and get sisters on their bandwagons. What happened to the man being head of the house, what happened to the man taking responsibility for his family? I have to leave now, but rest assured you will hear from me again.