Sunday, July 21, 2013

George Zimmerman Was Appropriately Acquitted!

Now that the dust is beginning to settle around the Trayvon Martin legal case in Florida, it's time to reflect on the reality of the situation.  While I hate the fact that Zimmerman went out of his way to confront Trayvon against the direction of the police dispatcher, I still believe the jury in this case was bound by the restrictions of Florida law. 

Trayvon did not do himself any favors by brutally attacking Zimmerman and therein lies the reason Zimmerman was aquitted under the theory of self-defense.  Had Trayvon not chosen to physically attack Zimmerman.  Had Trayvon not mounted him in MMA style and pounded his head in the concrete.  Had Trayvon simply remained calm and non-violent he would likely be alive today, and if not, Zimmerman would be serving his first month in state prison.

Zimmerman's legal troubles are not over however.  The US Department of Justice is still reviewing the facts to determine if Zimmerman's racially-tinged decision to stalk Trayvon amount to a hate crime so don't be surprised if he is indicted federally.

The Martin family will also go after Zimmerman civilly to try and recover the hundreds of thousands of donated dollars for Zimmerman's legal expenses.

The most appalling element of this incident is the press coverage.  The press seems to be inciting and polarizing public opinion for the sake of ratings without giving due to all of the key facts in the case.  Hatred, distrust and hurt feelings abound as a result.

Stay tuned for the next chapter folks because this ain't over by any stretch.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Black Man's Guide 2 Understanding The Black Woman

For those of you who are not familiar with Shahrazad Ali, she wrote a very controvesial book in the early 1990's that was ahead of its time in insight.  Black men praised the book; black women excoriated it.

Today, many black women have taken a second look and realize that the relationship dynamics Ali wrote and spoke of are true.

Please have a look at her lecture to see what I mean.