Sunday, May 20, 2012

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Marries Asian Woman (Oh My!)

The symbolism is striking, as well as telling.  The young billionaire who heads up Facebook is known for what is to be the next big thing.  Whether it be in the area of social networking or social trending, he has a knack for eschewing the outmoded, and profiting from the overlooked.

"So what's the big deal; he married an Asian," you might ask.  The deal is the fact that his choice of wife is not the typical white American women underscores the new reality that white women are essentially being surpassed in the marketplace of romance.  This is not to say that white women are innately bad, it just means that they are now becoming passe with their behavior and expectations.  The men's rights movement has long held that white women of the Anglosphere tend to be exploitative of male wealth, entitlement-oriented, opportunistic and simply not worth all the trouble.

I applaud Zuckerberg for his open-mindedness and his ability to ignore convention.  May he enjoy his life with his lovely bride, and may other wealthy men follow his lead!