Sunday, June 17, 2012

There Are White Men and Poor White Trash White Men

Most of us have heard white men declare the cliche that there are black people and then there are n..gers.

Let's turn the tables for a moment and declare that there are normal white men and there are Poor White Trash White Men. Poor White Trash White Men sometimes have wealth and the outward appearance of success, but their personal characteristics mark them as unmistakable Trash.
Normal white men do not:

-Obsess over the women black men choose for themselves, especially when these women happen to be non-black. Black men could care less what women white men choose, but Poor White Trash White Men whine and cry and obsess about black men and their women.

-Become jealous and resentful of black men more educated and successful than themselves. Normal white men realize that men different than themselves can be both above and below them in ability and success. Poor White Trash White Men operate under the assumption that they dwell at the top of the social pyramid, even when they may actually dwell at the bottom.

-Criticize our President due to his misguided policies and decisions, and not by claiming is a Muslim, was born in Africa, is a socialist ideologue in disguise. Normal white men can think critically and appeal to reason. Poor White Trash White Men fall prey to emotion and bigotry against our President.

-Consider themselves "better" than others simply because of their skin color. Being better then another involves better ACTIONS, better DECISIONS, and better LIVING, not just a mythic believe that one's skin color entitles them to better treatment and quality of life than others.

Sadly, Poor White Trash White men are growing in number and may soon numerically overtake normal white men in this country. That is the result of a poor economy, an abysmal educational system, and general decline of America. As more and more white men sink to the level of trash, this country sinks closer and closer to its demise.

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