Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Muted Condemnation of Murderer Raymond Clark

The nation was captivated with the disappearance of Yale grad student Annie Le. I recall seeing interviews with Yale students that they always felt they had to be careful in the Yale university "neighborhood" and now they feel that way more so.

Now that it is has been established that the killer was white, preppy Raymond Clark, the outcry has been muted to non-existent. It is obvious that this is not the face of the killer in the minds of most Americans.

Now that we know he is white, it is interesting to hear the rationalizations about why he resorted to killing her. Mental illness, extreme distress, etc, everything but out and out evil.

Consider for a moment if the killer would have been non-white. We would have seen an outcry for the killer's head immediately. I don't think that Annie Le would approve of the pass granted by the court of public opinion to Raymond Clark. I hope that the courts do their job and put this individual away for the rest of his life. The misery he will endure in prison will be far greater in duration than the pain he inflicted on poor Annie.

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